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  1. Select your service, check out + pay as usual.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions on where to ship your shoes.
  3. Once we receive your shoes we will confirm all details.

 Any Nike shoe is going to be casual, comfortable and durable enough for everyday wear, so choose the style that best fits in with your style and wardrobe

Our Services

Your footwear has an impact on how you walk, stand, and show yourself. The more you use your shoes..

   our experienced cobblers polish, condition, repair, and clean all types of shoes and boots. Now let’s look at why you should THESHOESBOY to help you with your shoe repair service.


theshoesboy can guide you in repairing your preferred pair of shoes or boots. Instead of replacing your shoes, you can save a lot of money by having them fixed. 

  1. A Quick Clean-Up.
  2. A Full Service Clean-Up.
  3. Stretching.
  4. Waterproofing.
  5. Multiple Services.


The polish moisturises and waterproofs the leather, enabling your shoes to last longer. And, no matter what the occasion, the buffing and shining ensure a polished, put-together look. 

  1. The best shoe polish will moisturize and waterproof the material.
  2. It should be pretty stiff but still manageable.


These shops offer all the necessary services such as dry cleaning, attended and customized laundry, Press Toke garments alterations and repairs, bags, accessories and shoes repairs and cleaning, Press Shoes, etc.
  • Your cleaning schedule depends on how often you wear your shoes and where your feet take you. Aim to clean your shoes every two weeks or whenever they start to look dirty. Regular maintenance reduces cleaning time.